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Our Team
We are a team of eight legal associates and para legal staff working towards, providing viable legal solutions to our clients. Our associates consist of law graduates from esteemd law schools in India as well as abroad.
S.Bhambri & Associates (Advocates) are featured litigating partners with MEDIATE GURU an Legal Start up too.
Reach us at, Divorcelawyerindelhi
Our Media and academic Partner LawObviously providing guidance to aspiring law Students who want to become  Hon'ble Judges in near future.
Our Services
We provide consultation, advice regarding legal solutions, mediation as well as conciliation and relationship counselling in commercial and family law matters. We are renowned Divorce Lawyers in Delhi.
Our expertise lies in Family cases, Matrimonial cases, Property Disputes, Probate, Commercial, Consumer Cases, Intellectual Property Rights, Criminal Cases, Debt Recovery Tribunal Cases, SARFAESI, Property Eviction cases, Drugs & Cosmetics Cases and Narcotics, Drugs & Psychotropic Substances matters.
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News & Publications

Hon’ble Supreme Court has held that acquittal of husband under section 498-A of Indian Penal Code, is a valid ground for seeking divorce, as it tantamounts to mental cruelty.

In Rani Narsimha Sastry vs. Rani Suneela Rani, 2019, held that where the husband has undergone trial on merits, under the offence of subjecting the wife to cruelty, furthermore, if he is acquitted as no offence has been proved against him, then he has every right and remedy to file for divorce proceedings before court of law. Such an acquittal is a valid ground for divorce and husband is not bound to suffer in silence due to false filing of criminal case against him.

Mandatory Documents to be filed alongwith trademark infringment plaint as laid down by Hon’ble Delhi High Court in Amrish Agarwal vs. Venus Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd, 2019

It is was directed by Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, that in trade mark infringement matters the following documents ought to be necessarily filed along with the plaint that are the Legal Proceedings certificate (LPC) of the trade mark showing the mark, date of application, date of user claimed, conditions and disclaimers if any, assignments and licences granted, renewals etc., in case if the LPC is not available, at the time of filing of the suit and urgent orders of injunction are being sought, a copy of the trade mark registration certificate, copy of the trade mark journal along with the latest status report from the website of the Trade Mark Registry. This should be accompanied by an averment in the pleadings that LPC is applied for. Specific averment too ought to be made that, there are no disclaimers imposed on the mark and the mark stands renewed. Any licences and assignments ought to be pleaded also to have more clarity.

Areas of Practice

Money Recovery,Cheque Bouncing

Family Law: Divorce,Domestic Violence,Cruelty by Husband, Divorce lawyer in Delhi

Labour Law Compliance​, Employment Law

Property Law: Rent Eviction, Permanent and Temporary Injunction

​Trademark,Copyright & Designs:Registration & Prosecution 

Criminal Complaints

Drugs & Cosmetics Matters

Narcotics, Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Matters

Arbitration Matters

Taxation Matters

Legal Metrology related cases

Environmental Law Matters

Service Matters pertaining to Central Adminstrative Tribunal

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