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Crime against Children which is punishable under IPC

According to UNICEF violence against children can be physical and mental abuse and injury. Neglect or negligent treatment exploitation and sexual abuse violence may take place in homes , school ,orphanages ,residential care facilities ,on the streets in the workplace , in the prison and in place of detention “ such violence can affect the normal development of a child impairing their mental, physical and social being in extreme cases abuse of a children can result in death.

In the IPC there is lot of offence are registered in every year the offence against the children first is that the people abetted children and makes that type of mind set his/her mind and last the person has abet to child committed suicide whosoever abets the child to commit sucide shall be punished under section-305 of the IPC. And also many of murder cases against the children in every years that is big problem.

In there is many people in India causing miscarriage of child reason behind that they want boy child before the birth of child those people done checkup of woman if child is girl after that those people make miscarriage of child so the miscarriage of child is an penal offence under Section-312 of the IPC and punishment of miscarriage is not less than ten years and person will also be liable of fine.

Next the kidnapping is also big problem in India in every year there is a lot of child under the fourteen year of age has kidnapped under the guardianship and after the kidnapping of child if the guardian will not agree of demand of kidnappers than they will can commit murder of child kidnapping in IPC under Section-359 of IPC and punishment of kidnapping Section-363 the punishment is not less than seven year and fine both.

If whosoever kidnapping child for the purpose of bagging or used such minor for employee shall be punished under Section- 363A of the IPC Punishment of bagging is not less than imprisonment of life and shall also be liable of fine and both. If any person importation of a minor girl from foreign country for the purpose of against her will for purpose of seduced or illicit intercourse with another person shall be punishable extend ten year and also be liable of fine , under section-366B of the IPC and any person any girl under the age of eighteen year is selling and buying for the purpose of intercourse with another person still she is know that shall be punished under Section-372 and 373 of the IPC Punishment is not less than ten years and also be liable of fine and compulsory making labor without paying any cost and against his or her will shall be punished Section-374 of this code.

The Rape is very most big problem in India in every hundred or two hundred rapes is committing in India under the age of 12-14 years but many victim family is not filed FIR due respect of his family only only two three FIR Has filed like Nirbhaya case and also committing gang Rape with the Girl under the age of 12 and 14 years the Punishment of Rape with the age of woman under the twelve year shall be Punished under Section-376AB of IPC Punishment is life time and may be death penalty the punishment of Gang Rape with child under Section-376 DA and 376DB OF The IPC . Punishment is imprisonment of natural life and shall also be death penalty.

And whosoever is forcing the girl and demanding for sexual favor and showing pornography of girl against her will shall be punished under Section-354A OF The IPC AND Punishment is not less than three years. These are all Crimes against children which is Punishable under IPC.


Submitted By:- Sundarum Singh Sengar



Course:- BBA-LL.B(H)

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