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The Research article is made on the topic as said in the title above, that is, “Death by consent as an exception to murder: An Overview”. The article will lead to develop an understanding about the terms murder and consent and will explain how death by consent becomes an exception to murder.

In order to justify this statement, the article first discusses the term “Consent” as per Indian Penal Code and develops an understanding about what is consent, after this, the article describes what murder is and what its essentials are. When the concept of both the term, that is, Consent and Murder becomes clear, the article describes certain exception as per Section – 300 of Indian Penal Code and focuses fifth exception of Section – 300 which is “Death by Consent of a person does not amount to murder”. Further the article lays down some case laws by which we develop more practical understanding of how this exception of murder functions or works.

The objectives of the article as said above are:

  • To develop an understanding about what is consent.

  • To develop an understanding about what is murder.

  • To know the exceptions of murder.

  • To know how consent by death of a person is an exception to murder.

The methodology used in this research is Doctrinal Arm Chair & Qualitative Method, that is, the data is collected from book (Indian Penal Code) and online sources and no field work has been done in accomplishing this research article.

Aanemesh Singh

Student of Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur (M.P.)

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