What is hate speech ? People of our country still doesn’t know what hate speech means, it basically means any statement which is against or violative against any person , or group of persons , religious beliefs , faith , sentiments. Responsible Speech is the spirit of the liberty which is granted to us under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution and Article 19 (2) gives freedom and expressions to all citizens . Hate speech is becoming a serious issue day by day . In Delhi elections for campaigning Union Minister . Anurag Thakur and BJP MP Parvesh Verma received a ban of 72 hours and 96 hours . The main threat behind that was ‘Hate Speech’ which they delivered in their respective rallies in Delhi. In which anurag thakur told to the crowd in rally to shout Goli Maaro and .parvesh Verma said in a rally that those who are protesting at Shaheen Bagh against the new Citizenship Law and said that one day they will enter the houses and rape your sisters and daughters.”

Online Hate speech has a become a serious issue and it is just a clear example that how the upliftment of the technology can bring both threats and opportunities within its own ambit . The social media platforms such as google , Twitter , Instagram etc has become very advanced and they have understood the terms hate speech and are providing various policies and rules on their. Cyberbullying in Indian for women and teenagers has been increased by 36% ., It promotes fear , danger to life , mental stress to the the people of the society . Media also defame the image of the celebrity by throwing hate comments against them on Television . Recently Rhea Chakarborty take a legal actions against media agencies who have defamed her . she will fight against the Illegal , malicious campaign , that was carried against her by various new channels and media . The legal provisions around the hate speech are SECTION 153 (a) and SECTION 295 (a) of Indian Penal Code . We have to fight against it and have to bring changes in the constitution for a better to live with all the rights of speech and expressions.

Written By: Mr. Harshul Mehta, UPES School Of Law, Law Intern at S. Bhambri & Associates (Advocates), Delhi.

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