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Human Rights Violation - " An Anathema to society "


There are chilling instances of violence, group action, heinous torture, maltreatment, manslaughter and a variety of other human rights violations almost happening daily across the world. Despite the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and special covenants provided for the rights of children, women and therefore the disabled, crimes continue unhindered and unabated. The soul-searching question is 'Has humanity been relinquished?'

In India, various mechanisms just like the National Human Rights Commission, State Human Rights Commissions, and Women's Commissions are constituted at the Centre and within the states, for upholding human rights causes. Legislative safeguards i.e. The Constitution of India, which is supreme a lex (the law of the land) and multifarious laws just like the Human Rights Act, 1997 are alive but vainly. Human rights violations are the order of the day and so the above 'law- enforcement' arsenals let down of implementation.

Poverty as a causative:

In a country of 120 crores, poverty may be a brutal taskmaster. It prevents us from getting basic commodities like food, shelter, education, medicine, and clothing. It's evident to mention that the elemental rights of life are inherent and not given to us by the constitution. Without these preliminary rights, civil and political rights are meaningless. People who live below the poverty level has nothing to try to with these rights and that they are useless to them. It's an incontrovertible fact that the biggest population of India goes to bed with no food.

750 million of its people don't use toilets, 510 million don't have any access to basic drugs, over 300 million adults without literacy, and kids are affected by malnutrition. Ironically, 50 million loads of food is wasted once a year within the FCI warehouses. So death is inevitable for these helpless people with no recourse. This was just a tiny low result of poverty

The Court has held that 'the right to life includes the proper to measure with human dignity and each one that goes with it, namely the bare necessities of life like adequate nutrition clothing and shelter 1 inter alia.

In Bandhua Mukti Morcha, rehabilitation and bondage of some labourers were within the question, Justice, Bhagwati held that the elemental right to measure with human dignity is congruous with the correct to live and derives its life breath from the Directive Principles of State Policy, and particularly clauses (e) and (f) of Articles 39,41,42.

Again, within the Olga Tellis case the court held that the ' Right to livelihood is included within the proper to live' as “nobody can live without the means of living".

The fact remains that India has the foremost important population on the planet that goes to bed with no food, the foremost important population who has no clothes to wear and so the biggest number of beggars.

Denial of education

In Unni Krishnan v. the State of A.P, the Supreme Court has recognized a fundamental right to education within the correct to life under Article 21. Taking the assistance of Articles 41 and 45 it's held that ' every child/citizen of this country features a right to free education until he completes fourteen years aged.'

It differed from Mohini Jain's case within the sense that proper education is subject to the bounds of economic capacity and development of the state. Even after the Unni Krishnan case improvement within things has been frugal. Consequently, the govt. enacted the Constitution (86th Amendment) Act, 2002 by virtue of which Article 21A has been provided for. It reads as follows- “The State shall provide free and compulsory education to any or all or any children of the age of 6 to 14 years in such manner because the state may, by law, determine".

The reality however is hard-hitting. The question arises on the implementation of this gigantic task. Poverty breeds poverty. The vicious circle of poverty denies to lakhs of kids the correct to education, despite the elemental right that children below 14 years aged shall tend access to primary education. A country's progress depends upon the event of its populace. Education is an arsenal to understand the same. However, in our country, widespread illiteracy continues to persist. The government doesn't have the adequacy of funds to run its educational institutions. Education is undergoing privatization. The resultant is that schools became centres for exploitation due to colossal fees charged and so the commoner is deterred by the affordability factor.

The relevant reasons are lack of infrastructure, absence of relevant education, low attendance, high- drop -out rates etc. Even after five decades of independence, 50% of the kids are dropouts. Sex is one of the various differentials of illiteracy that's characterized by a sturdy patriarchal value system. The extent of literacy is about 64% for males and about 39% for females.

India's failure to realize universal literacy even after fifty-six years of independence is shocking. At this rate, it'd take another 50 years to achieve total literacy. Education is that the sign of a civilized society and thus the shortage of it's one of all the primary reasons for the commission of unpardonable crimes and intolerance.

Civil and Political rights

Civil and political rights are violated to genocide, torture, and arbitrary arrest this violation often happen during the time of War and when right violation intersect with the breaking of law about the armed conflict it's called war crimes. Conflict also can trigger a violation of the proper freedom of expression and therefore the right to peaceful assembly. The state is typically liable for the violation as they try to maintain control and pull down Social forces. Violation of Civil and political human rights isn't always linked to specific conflict and might occur at any given time are human trafficking is currently one of all the most important issues on a world scale and many men women and kids are forced into labour and sexual exploitation. this implies violations often occurred because the state is failing to safeguard wall valuable groups.


Women constitute nearly 50% of the Indian population but the infanticide murder of a woman child remains happening in some parts of the country also sexual assault rape and plenty of other factors are creating women as an independent entity. Thousand of Windows are left alone per annum till now and also the situation isn't changing without personal responsibilities. Dowry is that greatest crime against women is all our daughters and sisters for sale?? Her dowries are still in demand even when a woman can supplement the man’s income. In such how a girl enjoys no right because she could also be a girl rape could also be a weapon to subjugate women. During a big judgment within the case of Bhanwari Devi and a pair of other cases and also within the Vishaka vs the State of Rajasthan the supreme court laid down exhaustive guidelines for the prevention of harassment of labelling women in their place of labour until legislation is inactive for this purpose.

According to a report released by United States Congress, the researchers found continuing allegation that the Indian police raped women will in police custody, Tribal girls were gang-raped in government hostels and child rape cases were recorded from 2001 to 2011, Us state department for human rights report for 2015 stated that there have been 555 and counter killings by personnel and police between 2008 and 2013 please include up Jharkhand, Manipur, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jammu, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, MP. In August the national right Commission recorded 1327 that in judicial custody between April 2014 and January 2015.


According to the national crime records Bureau, NLRB crime against the Dalits starting from rape, murder, beating and violence associated with land matters increased by 29 to stand proud of 2012 to 201 itself over forty-seven thousand sixty-four cases of crime against the lete was registered the litter continues to be considered as untouchable who shouldn't receive the type of civility extend into every other branch of society the suicide the Rohith formula a Delhi PhD student at the Hyderabad certain University Central University the outrage that followed result in a revelation of these and comparable cases of Dalit suicide.


The right exists as embodied within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also the entire body of international human rights law they're recognized a minimum of in theory by most Nation and forms the guts of the many national Constitution that the particular situation within the world is much distant from the best envisioned within the declaration. We will learn that law and state together with the supreme court provides a great contribution for improvement and that they were projecting towards the Human Rights jurisprudence because a personality's and jurisprudence cover and forcemeat of fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed under Article 19 to 30 of the constitution which give substantial and useful material for the higher version for the event of Human Rights, Particularly rights of worker women because in India women constitute nearly one-half hour population and ladies are denied Human Rights from the cradle to the grave nearly 41% of women abroad play an active role within the assembly process in India. Things leave much to be described as a sex crime and flash Threads are generating evils that threaten the existence of ladies as Independent and then it had been necessary Supreme Court create projects and placing women’s rights during a context that give legitimacy transparency visibility and acceptability.

By Lavanya Rai,BBA LLB (Hons)

ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad

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