Indian Men Can't Be Raped! Need for Change in Mindset, Need of The Hour.


Apathetic is the word which is generally used to define, Men in India. This thought provokes a deep need of a change of mindsets of people in the country as similarly like females, Indian men, also have hearts and souls, are also having dignity, emotions, self-confidence and respect too for themselves which need to be protected. There is no statute, law or rule to protect Indian men against any sort of harassment and rape. It can be seen that the Indian Legislature has not found any keen interest in forming any gender-neutral laws against harassment at any place. Even in one Public Interest litigation initiated by a non-governmental organisation, Apex court directed and Law commission followed in its 172nd report and suggested to widen the scope of rape law. Males also face harassment at the workplaces therefore, they should be included within the definition of victim in The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act and making it more gender-neutral and a new Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act should be formulated.

Written By: Mr. Piyush Jain, 2nd Year Law Student at Lloyd Law College, Law Intern at S.Bhambri & Associates (Advocates), Delhi.

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