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Public Health Policy System


The aggression of novel coronavirus (covid 19) pandemic alerted countries all over the world to think about an efficient public health policy system.

Countries world wide became helpless at the time of the pandemic. Most of the countries passes through the tough time in medical history.

The situation in India is not mush different from other countries. Nations are looking for a answer to the question of how to offer a public health policy system to their citizens.

Good quality health conditions are not only a basic necessary requirement it is also recognized as a fundamental right.

Day by day number of diseases are increasing and have had their grip over humans.

This challenging situation make us ponder whether do we have public health policy system and whether authorities are doing enough to ensure such right.

What is public health policy system

It is a population-based concept to prevent causes of diseases spreading in public rather than among individuals. Understanding the cause of the disease and taking proper measures such as sanitation and vector control.

Basic of public health policy system is the health of the individual that make up the public.

Health policy play a key role in countries economic. If there is not a proper public health policy system it reduces attraction for investors and tourist.

Good health policy system depends on which services are provided and how they are organized Contaminated water, polluted environment, lack of proper sanitation leads to a major health hazard.

Diseases like cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, despite serious impact of sanitation condition on health it seems in many of the state’s municipal corporation has badly performed or awaken only after the occurrence of health problem.

Food safety, vector control, water system, monitoring waste disposal, health education improves public health policy system.

Good public health policy is an essential part of a countries development infrastructure.

Public health in India

India rank 42nd in health index with a score of 66.25

The massive population growth has created a huge scarcity in essential required by a citizen to live with dignity and respective as mandated under article 21 of the constitution of India.

People is living a stressful life and fighting for basic necessities of life as per report there are 0.7 beds available per 1000 people in India.

The supreme court has repeatedly emphassied to the government and other authorities for priority to the health of its citizen’s

India is also started a health system to address essential public health functions.

Vertical disease control programs are the face of ‘public health in India’. It should be more focused on it because of selective approaches it has been diluted in several area.

Several steps are taken by the government to strengthen the public health system, both within and outside the Indian health services system.

National Rural Health Mission (NHRM) has attempted to address public health by connecting program

More disease preventing system should be examined and strengthening to reduce prevalence of public health problems

Public health policy by WHO

WHO defined ‘public health policy’ as the “indispensable set of actions, under the primary duty of the state, that are basic fundamental for achieving the good of public health policy system which is to improve, promote, control spreading disease and restore the health of the population through collective actions”.

The main essential functions of public health policy system is

Monitoring of health status, disease surveillance and control of the risks and threats to public health, health promotion, public health regulation.

Community partnership, development of policies and planning, and reducing the impact of emergencies on health.

Systems like that can devise ways to planning and organizing the community to reduce major public health problem such as under nutrition, ensuring the public health function would mean ensuring safe drinking water and food supplementation.


The main idea of public health policy system is to demonstrate the need for a multidimensional approach. Problems like malnutrition, tuberculosis and malaria diseases reveal the need for a combination of social, environmental and medical care approaches to combat them

The scope of the public health profession in the country and its contribution to solving the problem.

Newly created public health educational institutions need to sharpen the public health focus by exploring new ways of solving public health problems.

Most importantly, improvements in public health status of a country occur only when there exists a public health system with a primary intent to prevent diseases.


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Year of study : 1 year

College : Government Law College, Thrissur, Kerala.

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