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  • INTRODUCTION - Outbreak of COVID-19 and imposition of the nationwide lockdown after the first wave of covid hits hard to migrant workers. They loss their jobs even they not paid for their works ( Unpaid Wages)..

The migrant labor sacrificed everything their job, food ,

Shelter and even they walk barefoot and paid much more money to truck driver when they have no money in their hand

To go their native homeland because of lack of money which Land- Lord asking for, No Job and the fear of corona virus and Most importantly through Hunger and in this tough situation Govt. Urges them to stay where they are due to the fear of ramping up an infection and build a isolation ward where

the government failed to provide even two- times food for Migrant workers.

  • ISSUES - During phased lockdown many state Govt. Urges there is a requirement of lockdown because COVID cases rises again but in reality they only improve their revenue by opening the Liquor shop where the people are immune to the COVID-19 and other hand some state like UP, MP have scrapped labour laws. This is not the way to improve economic slowdown.

While, there are protests doing rounds by various Mazdoor unions after decision by abrogation took place they rise their voice as they already vulnerable by pandemic then why Govt. Increased their working hours and also reduced their pays.

  • CHALLENGES - Main challenge of Govt. During pandemic and after unlock is how the subsequent economy will rise and how migrant workers returned back to urban areas because they are not willing to come back easily as they are not feeling safe and threatened by pandemic and Hunger.

The Govt. Praised MGNREGA under which 8 crore workers are entitled to get jobs after their formalities completed of their quarantine When they reached their home - town they can start digging ponds or lands to make roads. This is more difficult job under the sun for them as compared to city jobs under the shade but some how they are willing to , when there is no livelihood for them.

  • CONCLUSION - As we conclude from upper text how migrant workers hit whammed during this pandemic and after unlock and how in this tough situation state govt. Scrapped labor laws and priorities their revenue over Hunger, Fear and Death .

When state Govt. Scrapped labour laws other hand one state I.e. Punjab Govt. Ordered mazdoor unions to work 12 hours a day for a entire week effecting health conditions and prevent from also to disease giving them a full wages.

This scenario could have been prevented and instead employ more no. Of workers resulted to increase in employment and consumer demand , thus saving both economy and livelihood as well.

By - Vaibhav Raj Singh ( BALLB 1st Year)

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