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Practice Areas

Our Associates litigate as well as mediate in various specific fields such as Family Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Commercial Law, Money Recovery and so on.
Family Law


We deal with cases pertaining to domestic violence, Cruelty by Husband and his relatives, Complaints filed before Crime against Women Cell.  We provide updated legal advise on how to obtain divorce as well as to how to settle an amount of alimony.



Property Law


We provide legal consultation and case filing as well as follow up services, pertaining to Property Disputes, Wills , Succession, Eviction from house in case an major child is harassing his or her parents. We provide drafting services too pertaining to Wills and Codicils

Commercial Law


We provide drafting legal notices in matters of money recovery, Cheque Bouncing as well as case filing and follow up services pertaining to legal matters which are of commercial in nature.


Intellectual Property Rights

We provide Trademark, Copyright and Patents registration and consultation regarding it, Furthermore, We provide case filing services in the case of infringement of a particular trademark or copyright.


Criminal Law

Providing genuine advise to our clients stuck in legal hassles of criminal nature is our endevour. We are skilled in Bail matters, Crime against women and other criminal cases. If a false FIR has been lodged against you..we are the one you have to contact.

Labour Law
We provide Labour and Employment compliances to our Corporate Clients. If you​​ are a employee and facing unjust harassment , we are the one you are looking for. Female employees facing sexual harassment, must seek legal guidance, and we are best in that.

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